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Our Story

Olive Nendoh believes that using natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize your skin could help you attain a flawless radiant looking skin with reduced finelines and crow’s feet. The condition of your skin largely depends on the outcome of the type of ingredients your preferred beauty facial skin care products provide for you. The Olive Nendoh variety of skin and hair care products focused on the benefits that the Lithospermiradix herb ingredient provides to your skin. Lithosperum erythrorhizon popularly known as lithospermiradix has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, and anti-microbial characteristics that could treat skin damages such as burns and scalds.

Our Marvella range of products contains the Lithospermiradix herb ingredient. For over 40 years, scientists studied the effects of the Lithospermiradix herb extract as ingredient for organic skin care products. Although the herb extract was a little bit difficult to mix with the other ingredients, the scientists successfully created a formulation for the natural facial skin care cosmetics that would help treat the skin and even provide the skin’s main protein component. Your skin requires constant supply of protein to achieve clear beautiful supple skin as well as slow down aging. Proteins are essential component of collagen that could help renew or regenerate skin cells to give it tensile strength and resistance from cuts or abrasions. This is the main reason Olive Nendoh desires to protect and repair your skin with the same protein component.

Olive Nendoh carefully selected skin ingredients to cleanse your skin, keep it glowing, and make it appear healthy and radiant. The Olive Nendoh selected the royal jelly, milk, collagen, and honey ingredients that could deliver protein to the skin and make it appear smoother and flawless, which includes the lithospermiradix and licorice extracts. Olive Nendoh wants to deliver the product that could give the kind of skin that you desire without further damaging your skin. Various vitamins are incorporated to the formulation for organic skin care. Our natural ingredients have a special formulation that would match almost any type of skin.

Rejuvenate, refresh your skin, revitalize your spirit, and enhance your self-confidence using Olive Nendoh line of natural skin care that could remove impurities, dirt, and other particles that would clog your skin pores. We aim to let your skin breath and free itself from harmful chemical additives. Nurture your skin with our botanical hair and skin therapies carefully packed in nice elegant cosmetic containers. Be beautiful, look smart, and be simply attractive with the Olive Nendoh hair and skin care line.

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